2 batches

finally finally, after 1 whole year, i restart the engine, back to soap making !
there're always full of surprises, thanks very much dapan for answering my questionsssssss on alkanet root infused evo.
i finally got some pretty purple soap ! (photo later)

and this's my first time to work on milk, which i used to stay away from it because i believe it belongs to the advance level ......
but after this time, i think i just love working with it for many reasons !!!
no. 1 : there is less odor when adding NaOH,
no.2 : the temperature is controlled under 30C, so seems less scary compared to using water only (temperature always jump to 90C)
no.3 : less time to wait for temp dropping!


here are my recipe :

batch size: 300g
alkanet root infused evo (2 weeks) 64% 192g
sweet almond oil 13% 39g
coco butter 15% 45g
coconut oil 8% 24g

frozen milk : 97g
NaOH : 41.7g
INS: 126

lavender essential oil (30drops)


batch size: 500g

apricot kernel oil 17.6% 88g
castor oil 23.6% 118g
palm oil 20% 100g
coconut oil 20% 100g
shea butter 18.8% 94g

frozen milk : 167g
NaOH : 71g
INS: 143

blue clay

date: 7 Aug 2010
comment: trace really really fast ! why ? too less water ???
some ppl said when u use milk, you have to add a bit more water as fat in milk.....hum...


harvest time

bought the colorful mt masking tape from oaska last time, but didn't have any chance to use them.
and now they become the signature of my soap !!!
just wrote the major ingredient or scent + expiry date on each.
simple and clear, i like that.


rose lipbalm

the ingredients are generous gift from ms allen !
it's very fun in making lipbalm;
coz' unlike handmade soap, i don't have to wait for a month to test & feel it.
i can know immediately whether the scent of essential oil is enough or not.

there are still a big bag of plastic tubes and beeswax left,
i can try to make some with lavender, lemon ......next time !

about the packing, hubby eric taught me to use illustrator....
not too difficult, but not too easy tho'......hehe.....
however, the paper type is too thick, i want to get some matted transparent label for decoration...anyone know where can i buy some?

making 3 tubes:
jojoba oil 8g
beeswax 3-4g
shea butter 2g
vitamin e oil 1 drop

melt them all in waterbath,
then + 7 drops of otto rose essential oil.


rosy rosie rose pink

i wanna to make pink soap !
the last 2 batches totally upset me in terms of color......

made rose tea water this time, putting a large amount of grounded rose hip in hot water, then chilled in the fridge before adding to the NaOH. the burgundy water was very attractive tho'.

after traced, the color was quite yuckie..... yellowish brown .... like poo poo.....haha....
i add the red clay in it anway.... hope the color will turn much much much much lighter ......<----- after 1 week, the color is still brown, sigh.....

across maggie's blog, they suggested to add rose essential oil in the oils mixture first, then the NaOH water... some said the oil particles surrounding the essential oil, which make the fragrance stay longer in the soap.... so i try this time.... ^^

batch size: 600g

extra virgin olive oil 360g 60%
castor oil 60g 10%
palm oil 67g 10%
coconut oil 60g 10%
shea butter 53g 10%

water : 233ml
NaOH : 79g (-5%)
INS: 127

red reef clay a little <--- probably adding too much
otto rose essential oil 5ml (add before NaOH).... please stay longer
grounded coffee a little <-- making the interlayer

date: 20 Sept 2009


pine soap

i should always remember this: "to expect the unexpected" .......
it was a real exciting moment, when i saw it !
the color of the soap turned out to a pretty one !!!! <--- but 1 week later, it turns to brown again.....sigh......

see what i wrote on 180909 :
"oh my....
i planned to make green soap.....
but the color turns out so ugly....... i almost throat up.....
i now announce matcha powder is not working in making green soap... so better save them for drinking only....."

after 2 days, i was like a little girl waiting to get the exam result,
never say never..... the color turns out to be very matcha (love it love it love it).
and the top layer turns from light brownish yellow to white !!!!
phew..... i think i will get the green clay next time.. want a lighter green tho'.

but it was a little bit difficult to unmold it, maybe due to adding the jojoba oil as superfattening.... still very sticky after 2 days, so i put it in the 4C fridge for an hour or so.
the fragrance of pine is so nice.... hope it will stay longer.

batch size: 600g

camellia oil 360g 60%
castor oil 60g 10%
palm oil 60g 10%
coconut oil 60g 10%
shea butter 60g 10%

water : 233ml
NaOH : 84g
INS: 121

jojoba oil 25ml
pine essential oil 7ml
matcha powder 1.5 tablespoon

date: 18 Sept 2009


Lavender soap

autumn is coming, want to have a gentle & moisturizing soap, so sweet almond oil is the main ingredient for this soap;
while castor and camillia oil can give a good foaming effect for cleaning.

i have some tea tree leaves grounded powder from Linda's shop,
tea tree leaves (oil) has a very good antiseptic/antibacterial function, putting the powder in the soap gives the peeling effect as well.

thinking of tea tree, i want the soap a bit more naturally green.....
so i added some matcha powder in it as well....
but the color is a bit darker than i expected though.... very disappointed....

hope it will turn lighter in color when getting more mature.
maybe it's because of the very concentrated lavender water:
i added 2 big handful of dried lavender in 210ml hot water, let it cool down to room temperature and then put in the fridge; the drained flower water is brownish......

batch size: 600g

sweet almond oil 260g 43%
camellia oil 100g 17%
castor oil 60g 10%
palm oil 60g 10%
coconut oil 60g 10%
shea butter 60g 10%

2 handful of dry lavender buds

water : 210ml
NaOH : 84g
INS: 121

sweet almond oil 10ml
lavender essential oil 10ml
tea tree powder 5g
matcha powder 1.5 tablespoon

date: 12 Sept 2009


i love packaging

wrap & wrap

make many many small tags

i like packaging more than anything else.

the leaves stamp was bought from petite morpho in my last visit,
pretty pretty!

the weather is no good these few days, very humid.......
& i found the soap is sticky on it's surface.
so i wrap them up immediately, & put them in a dry cabinet.